MarieDelanoteMarie Delanote was born in West Flanders, Belgium and grew up with her mother and three sisters. Her early years were dedicated to music, and she completed a masters degree in music/double bass at the ‘Lemmensinstituut’, Royal College of Music in Belgium. In addition to these academic feats, from a very early age, she had a fascination in spiritual practices and engaged in extensive study in areas such as Oracle Cards, Witchcraft, Entities, Palmistry, Reiki etc…

She met her husband in 2002 at the tender age of 23 and 18 months later she was expecting their first child, Jack, who was born in 2005. They relocated from Antwerp to Southern Belgium to a quiet, rural farming community and she ran a B&B whilst holding down a teaching job in local schools. Children 2 and 3 followed in quick succession, Adam and Orla-Jane.

In 2011 she relocated to the UK with her family. This was a huge adventure waiting to happen and these events were to create the incredible story that is now a best selling book “The Healing Of The 1lb Baby”.

Over the years, numerous courses have enhanced her knowledge and abilities and Marie has been a practicing healer for many years. She provides one on one consultations in the following – Chakra-therapy, Crystal-therapy, working with Ethereal Crystals, Past Life Regression therapy, Mediumship, Reading of Oracle cards ‘Belline’ and ‘Lenormand’, Numerology.

Her experiences and practices led her towards writing and her first book “The Healing Of The 1lb Baby” was published in November 2014. In 2015, both her boys were diagnosed with autism. This made Marie's puzzle fall into place, she was also diagnosed with autism. She now finally knew why she had struggled with OCD, eating problems, depression and anxiety her whole life. Even before this diagnoses, Marie had developed meditations and coping mechanisms to deal with life and emotions. These were of such great success, she decided to publish them and share with the world, in hope, to help as many children as possible, to teach them acknowledge their feelings and learn how to deal with them, growing into confident and happy adults.

For healing sessions, reading sessions or 'become a certified healer' course, find more on Marie's official website