From a very young age, Ellen Verheyen (1980) has been fascinated by music and couldn’t be torn away from the piano and organ. She studied and got her degree at the Royal college of music in Brussels and the ‘Lemmensinstitute’ in Leuven, Belgium. Later, she went on to study at the Royal college of music in Maastricht, the Netherlands, to study orthopedagogical music studies. Ellen is also a primary school teacher and a certified English teacher. She followed several masterclasses, one of them with the respected composer and conductor Bob Chilcott.

Since 1998, Ellen has directed tens of musicals and has been a vocal coach on several dance-and musical training camps. Her musical ‘A new me’ was awarded the title ‘Children’s ambassador of the Flanders’. Ellen sang in several choirs like Fine Fleur, the famous choir of the Night Of The Proms, with whom she travelled extensively, she sang in the opera Carmen, Bizet and shared the stage with James Blunt, Soulsister, Lisa Stansfield, Mark King, Macy Gray and many others.

In 2008, she set up her own business ‘Musical On Stage’. She coordinates and organises school projects, as musical camps and language-and culture camps, with great passion. Musical On Stage is a professional supporter of art-educational projects and is recognised and subsidised by the Flemish authorities as a cultural-educational association. They target all different groups: from toddlers to adults, organising projects during school times and school holidays. What the children, teenagers and adults learn during their projects has lasting effects. It helps people receive better chances in succeeding in their studies and they are able to build good social skills. Thanks to this, people create even more good result, the ability to communicate strongly but with a warm heart for others. Musical On Stage also offers the best chances to people with social, mental and physical disabilities. They are trained and passionate about what they do so they can give extra support to their participants and contributors.

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Musical On Stage vzw: www.musicalonstage.be
Facebook: facebook.com/musicalonstage